TAMAGO double-wall ceramic teacup

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My Stylish Way to Brew Tea

Every time someone mentions a ta pot, the first image that comes to mind is a round container which has been the standard ever since the yesteryears. But the TAMAGO Tea Set is simple, ergonomic, modern and sleek. TAMAGO Tea Set is designed to brew just a cup or two at a time, in celebration of its core spirit of minimalism and customization.


Modern Design

With the egg-shaped streamline, the teacup blends tradition and modern lifestyle. The simplicity of the teacup suits contemporary homes well.

New Bone China

The “new bone china” surface is smooth enough for you to taste the original tea flavor. The material is also light and easy to clean.


Heatproof Teacup

The double-wall porcelain provides sufficient insulation. You can hold a cup of boiling tea without burning your hands. And the ergonomic shape provides a good grip.


Flexible Lid

The lid suits the teapot as well as teacups. You can put the lid on the teacup after pouring the brew. It keeps the tea in cup warm over a long duration.

TAMAGO Tea Set is produced by LOHAS Pottery, a 40 years experienced ceramic ware enterprise.


SGS Certification

The product has passed SGS material inspection in Taiwan. It is heavy-metal free and safe to use.



Product Information

TAMAGO Double-Wall Ceramic Teacup

Dimensions - Ø 85 × H 80 mm
Capacity - 180 mL
Materials - new bone china
Net Weight - 240 g