About Simple Real

"Simple Life, Real Sensation" implies that to be simple is to be real. Likewise, to be real, it is important to be simple.

Intertwined that these concepts are, they define the essence of a life in terms of its happiness quotient. Hectic that a typical contemporary lifestyle is, people seldom have the time or the mindset to enjoy simpler things, like preparing just the right amount of tea/coffee.

With everyone caught up in the daily grind, gradually there is a monotony that creeps in unnoticed and continues to grow till it casts its shadow over every aspect. When that happens, we as human beings lose a sense of perception and fall into a monotonous everyday routine.

shun t. and becca t. realized one day, after having worked as professionals in the IT industry for the last 15 years, how empty their life had become without the simpler things. Alongside the realization came the willingness to opt for a change, not just in their lifestyle but also of others who were just like them. The two soon traded their demanding jobs and tedious work routine for a life that called for being simple and real.

Since both had a proclivity towards brewing just the right amount of tea/coffee, channeling their innovative ideas towards the fulfillment of this desire was but obvious. Thus, the brand Simple Real was born out of the will to create happiness and enjoy the sensation.

Our Vision

The founders unanimously agreed that being yourself was the surest path to simple living. It entailed knowing exactly what you wanted, making your own decisions, pursuing your goals and living as you wished.

To live simply also meant being confident about your choices and standing up to criticisms, queries and scrutiny without even a hint of doubt. Being yourself also meant seeking happiness from the simplest things in life and succumbing to the emotion.

In a world wherein everything is judged on the basis of quantity, a tea/coffee comes across as an exception that tastes best when prepared in just the right amount. Our vision is to watch you slow down by choice and seek happiness through various real life experiences.

Our Mission

Contrary to the current trend of instant gratification, our founders believe that seeking happiness is a relatively slow process. Much of its success depends on how well an individual is able to identify his/her deepest feeling and re-awaken emotions that have been suppressed long enough to have been lost. The slower this process is, the more effective it is in retrieving warm memories and achieving the proverbial simplicity. But once it clicks, the feeling of blissful contentment no longer seems as elusive.

By reviving the concept of pour over rituals, our mission is to persuade genuine tea/coffee connoisseurs to identify with their inner selves. Nothing could be more blissful than just the right amount of tea/coffee that has been prepared meticulously sans stress or time pressure.

Our Ethos

Be simple and you will have taken a step towards experiencing real sensation. At Simple Real we advocate maintaining simplicity towards every aspect of life so that the sensation you derive is as real as possible. Overcome the tediousness that might be weighing you down and release yourself mentally and emotionally to experience the joy of being alive.