TAMAGO mini pour-over coffee kettle

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Let me introduce :

Why is TAMAGO Pour Over Coffee Kettle Attractive?

  • Aestheticism: Courtesy its egg-shaped physique, the pour over coffee kettle features smooth contours. It is aesthetic enough to form a perfect oval while emitting a timeless and classic vibe. 

      • Material: Being a unique combination of wood and stainless steel, TAMAGO is both natural and durable. The outer wooden covering lends a natural look. An inner lining of stainless steel prevents hot water from corroding the wood and shortening its shelf-life.

        • Comfortable flow-rate: TAMAGO pour over coffee kettle is much more than what meets the eye. Its 4mm gooseneck spout facilitates all types of pouring, namely controlled, heavy or dripping. Thus, you can control the flow-rate and determine the concentration of the brew. 

          • Durability: Adequate stainless steel support to the wood lends durability to the pour over coffee kettle and ensures that it would last longer as compared to other wooden kettles. It is also much less likely to lose shape due to high temperatures, and withstand wear and tear of daily usage.

          • User friendly & Multi-purpose Wooden Lid: In addition to acting as a cover for the pour over coffee kettle, the wooden lid performs multiple functions. It serves as the base into which the thermometer is embedded, thus enabling the user to monitor the temperature. Secondly, it acts as a cover for the kettle and prevents the hot water from cooling down. Lastly, the inner surface of the lid is lined with stainless steel, thereby reducing the chances of becoming misshapen due to heat.
            • Provision of thermometer: Embedded on the wooden lid of the pour over kettle is a thermometer, which can be detached from the kettle if required. Temperature plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the brew and this is where the thermometer turns out to be truly useful.

            • Dual Indicators: On the inner surface of the kettle, there is vertical marking with dual indications at levels 250 ml and 350 ml respectively. The 250-ml mark would require 15 grams of coffee grind, to prepare 220 ml of heartwarming brew. Increase the grind to 20 grams and you will be able to use 350 ml of water to brew 310 ml of coffee. 


            • Wooden Pad at The Base: Lining the base of the pour over coffee kettle is a wooden pad that is meant to act as insulation. When the water in the kettle is hot, the base is likely to heat up too, which in turn might leave an imprint on your desk or any other surface. But with the wooden pad lining the base, no matter what the temperature of the water in the kettle might be, the base remains cool. Thus, the kettle can be placed on any surface without the fear of leaving imprints.

              Reliable Packaging

              All good things come in reliable packages, and TAMAGO ensures reliability through meticulous packing. Just so the user does not get confused as to which side of the package to open first, as also the direction in which it should be facing, there are white lines on the surface that outline the silhouette of the product.

              Given the uniqueness of the product, it is only fair to guide the user so that the package is opened carefully and with utmost caution.

              SGS  Certification


              TAMAGO Origin

              Birth of this concept cannot be pinpointed to any standalone incident; rather it can be attributed to years of observation and frantic lifestyle on part of the founders. TAMAGO was created as an attempt to revive the ancient concept of brewing just the right amount of coffee at any given point in time.

              Presently, pour over coffee is experienced at third-generation coffee houses. However, a peek in the past reveals that in ancient times, it was a popular art that was much revered. Brewing coffee was a matter of pride and persona, with each individual undertaking it as he would an important project. Needless to say, the outcome was as distinguished as a personal signature of the maker.


              TAMAGO revived not just a long-forgotten age-old tradition but also the concept of personalization. As a designer pour over coffee kit that believes in brewing just the right amount of coffee, this brand upholds the values of simplicity and personal satisfaction.

              So, it is time to shift over to TAMAGO. Acquire your designer pour over coffee kit and bid adieu to all your woes by brewing just the right amount exactly as per your liking. 

              Final Thoughts

              A connoisseur’s dream, TAMAGO is a concept in itself. Its beauty lies in simplicity, and the enrichment that comes from real sensation. You can live simply by choice, while still being able to enjoy the real sensation that comes from preparing just the right amount of pour over coffee.

              Product Information  

              Dimensions - W 215mm x D 85 mm x H 107 mm
              Capacity - 350 ml
              Materials - 18-8 stainless steel / wood
              Net Weight - 300 g
              Design in Taiwan, Made in China