TAMAGOxORIGAMI ceramic coffee dripper

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Reliable Packaging

All good things come in reliable packages, and TAMAGO ensures reliability through meticulous packing. Just so the user does not get confused as to which side of the package to open first, as also the direction in which it should be facing, there are white lines on the surface that outline the silhouette of the product.

Given the uniqueness of the product, it is only fair to guide the user so that the package is opened carefully and with utmost caution.

Originally from Japan, the ceramic dripper is unique owing to its design. Designed by a barista in collusion with ceramic experts, who even bagged the winning prize at a competition, it is one of the premium attractions of TAMAGO.

What makes this component of the pour over coffee kit special is –

• Its circumference of 150 mm and a height of 70 mm;

• Bottom hole having a circumference of 25 mm;

• Carved out of porcelain/wood;

• Can withstand up to 120 degrees Centigrade of temperature;

• Weighs 160 grams;

Because the spacing between the ribs is large enough to allow for the user to be able to control the flow rate, it is simple enough for both amateur as also experienced connoisseurs.


Birth of this concept cannot be pinpointed to any standalone incident; rather it can be attributed to years of observation and frantic lifestyle on part of the founders. TAMAGO was created as an attempt to revive the ancient concept of brewing just the right amount of coffee at any given point in time.Presently, pour over coffee is experienced at third-generation coffee houses. However, a peek in the past reveals that in ancient times, it was a popular art that was much revered. Brewing coffee was a matter of pride and persona, with each individual undertaking it as he would an important project. Needless to say, the outcome was as distinguished as a personal signature of the maker.

At some point in history, this system was replaced by the concept of instant coffee, probably because people became busy and coffee was no longer a priority. Gone were the days when these were sipped at leisure, because nowadays even this happens while on the run.

The emphasis also shifted to quantity over quality, thus explaining the universal presence of the communal coffee pot. In such a situation, re-introduction of pour over coffee proved undoubtedly innovative and totally disruptive to the ongoing trend.

TAMAGO revived not just a long-forgotten age-old tradition but also the concept of personalization. As a designer pour over coffee kit that believes in brewing just the right amount of coffee, this brand upholds the values of simplicity and personal satisfaction.

To be able to use TAMAGO to perfection, the individual needs to be a genuine connoisseur of coffee. Only then can the ritual be carried out for the outcome to be really sensational.

With TAMAGO by your side, brush aside the problems associated with contemporary coffee drinking. The community pot is often too big for one serving, too heavy, too ugly, or at a wrong temperature.

So, it is time to shift over to TAMAGO. Acquire your designer pour over coffee kit and bid adieu to all your woes by brewing just the right amount exactly as per your liking.

TAMAGO – Responding To the Era of Customization

Having quit their jobs, shun t. and becca t. decided to utilize their time researching the world of coffee connoisseurs. They were transported through a variety of worlds ranging from the community pot to the various brands that had recently ventured into the niche of the pour over coffee kit.

Much to their dismay, they discovered that the art of coffee making as also relishing it had lost its essence of personalization. Preparing coffee had assumed a run-of-the-mill character and likewise, coffee drinking was an on-the-run activity.

Inspired by the situation, the two IT professionals metamorphosed into pioneers and founded Simple Real. The next step entailed injecting the brand with a dose of customization, and this is how TAMAGO came into being. Shaped to resemble an egg, the premium designer product was created not just as an attempt at innovation, but also to introduce customization. 

Because the founders wanted TAMAGO to be associated with connoisseurs, no stone was left unturned in ensuring the best in terms of quality and design.

Of course, this did not happen overnight. It took days, weeks, and months of hard work and persistence to come up with a prototype that eventually met all the requisites. Every specification was pondered upon and endless revisions were made till no further improvement was possible.

Finally, Simple Real launched TAMAGO, the premium-quality designer pour over coffee kit for coffee connoisseurs to prepare just the right amount and relish the sensation.

Final Thoughts

A connoisseur’s dream, TAMAGO is a concept in itself. Its beauty lies in simplicity, and the enrichment that comes from real sensation. You can live simply by choice, while still being able to enjoy the real sensation that comes from preparing just the right amount of pour over coffee.

Product Information

TAMAGOxORIGAMI ceramic coffee dripper

Dimensions - Ø 115 x H 70 mm
Bottom hole - Ø 25
Materials - porcelain / wood
Net Weight - 160 g
Heatproof Temperature - 120 °C
Made in Japan

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